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Cancer Treatments
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At Destination Medical, we know that cancer is a frightening diagnosis, but we also believe that with the right treatments and dedication to healthy living, you can fight back. Our team of experienced specialists offers personalized cancer treatment plans using proven modern therapies and ancient principles of holistic health.

With our expert guidance, you can explore both traditional and lifestyle-based treatments such as immunotherapy, radio- or chemotherapy, oncology, nutrition, counselling, and yoga therapy. Our integrative approach focuses on treating the whole person – not just the diseases – so you can reclaim your life with confidence and strength. At Destination Medical, we are here to support a path toward healing.

Cancer patient sitting at a table with a someone holding hands.
Cancer patient sitting at a table with a someone holding hands.

Destination Medical provides a full range of leading-edge cancer treatment options to tackle the disease head-on. 

What you need to know

  • Custom Treatment Plans and Evaluations
    We are highly trained and experienced with oncology, offering comprehensive evaluations and custom treatment plans.
  • Personalized Care
    Patients receive personalized care throughout their entire journey by going through nutrition counseling, nursing support, integrative therapies, clinical trials, promising research opportunities, and other available treatment modalities.
  • Educational Opportunities
    We provide comfort measures such as support groups and educational materials.
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