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Pacemaker Services with Destination Medical

Our experienced cardiology team is dedicated to developing a personalized treatment plan for each patient so that we can best diagnose and deliver individualized care. Our wide variety of pacemaker services includes electrophysiology studies to monitor for arrhythmias, and pacemaker surgery with miniature components, allowing doctors to implant rhythm devices without causing discomfort or obvious scars.

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Destination Medical is your one-stop-shop for all of your pacemaker care needs.

What you need to know

  • Support
    From periodic checks and routine maintenance to servicing and repairing malfunctioning devices, our experienced specialists can assist you in all stages of pacemaker treatment.
  • Types of Pacemakers
    You should understand the different types of pacemakers available for your specific needs.
  • Be Mindful
    Keep in mind that if something doesn’t feel right at any point regarding your procedure, you should contact Destination Medical for follow-up communication and support.
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